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It depicts the people to celebrate the Spring Festival grand festival scene. Fireworks sound is this year marks, festive mood outpourings. Business people. Firecrackers and the other a meaning: they YeDa on New Year's eve is to put the firecracker went off the New Year was wroth gedaliah. But, according to stereotypes that worship to the first, wealth to stay behind and firecrackers. Legend, want a prosperous person, the firecracker went off to ring until finally the numerical XinCheng.


Have the nursery rhymes cloud:


Samsung paid in south, familie


Small BeiEr of kowtow, old BeiEr give money


Want money no, twist the handsome and then walk.



On their


After god, will JieMen straw from within the sesame, who pushes shop to above walk, chip, be quiet, called "trample seems age", also called "trample renowned". Due to "break" and "was" unisonant, take XieSui spring began to dispel the meaning.






Long ago, the custom very prosperous. Because of the different custom around, the ancestor-worship form vary, some backcountry zhanquan, some to worship the progenitor tomb ancestral worship fathers, and most at home will be placed in the stall ancestral memorial tablet in turn, display offerings, then according to the order of the worship his bow shakily. Han worshipping, mostly do fish bowl dish, filled with high bowl, quite a ZhongMingDingShi meaning.



Open the door the firecracker went off


The Spring Festival in the morning, open the door plug and firecrackers, called the "first opened the firecracker went off." The firecracker, red, can break ground if brocade, called "ManTangGong". Then RuiQi streets, jubilant.



Happy New Year


The Spring Festival is an important activity, is to establish new contacts friends home and adjacent there, old say congratulations Spring Festival happy New Year. Han Chinese New Year wind, han dynasty existing. Tang is a very popular, some don't after personally to greet MingTie shots, usable. Han dynasty, so called "stab" card, say again "MingCi". After the Ming dynasty, many people in the doorway stick a red paper bags, only collect MingTie, called "door book".



Burn keeper paper


The festival night when old grade of 1605 and the appointed feasts hang keeper door depicting etc, in order to show years already together incineration finish, should begin again racket. Out.this common saying "burned keeper paper, personal search physiological".



Millet birthday


Folk thought the grade a birthday, the day the millet wishing offering unlikelihood years, and fasted rice.



Off-year toward


The sky kei section. The song dynasty court festivities, emperor song zhenzong medium-sized temple-xiang first because linked with a drop too mystierious and earth, authentic, decide the next letters for days beginning 3 kei festival, officials vacation 5. Later said off-year dynasty, not sweeping, don't ever fire, not with the same age, toward the courtyards.


The Spring Festival, is the first day of the lunar year, also called celebrated on the fifteenth day, commonly known as the "Chinese New Year". This is our country folk ceremonious and noisiest a traditional festival. Spring Festival's history is long, which originates from the sacrifices of SuiWei shells period years worshipping god activities. According to China's lunar calendar, the day of the first month YuanRi, yuan Calvin, anyang positive and yuan RMB shomer, New Year's day, commonly known as on New Year's day, whereas previously is thirty. Ha ha, generally with Christmas Eve is a level.


How should the traditional lunar New Year?


December 25: connect the jade emperor cast disorderly years as tian silkworm



Cast disorderly years old


Send kitchen after New Year's eve to heaven to welcome back, meantime earth is no god, the folk jurisdiction, baiwujinji marry, known as "catch disorderly years old." Disorderly years is the design of your own people for regulating social life of the specific period. The year comes to an end, people have leisure and savings, for at ordinary times seldom has fine today, the focus of:


Force 670,000 event people, this is a good time. Therefore, people based on real life needs, invented this special time folk. Visible, in traditional society, people life order is dependent on folk adjusted.



As tian silkworm


Also called "burned tian silkworm," "as tian silkworm," "burn TianCai", is popular the area south of the Yangtze river in folk custom qi. December 25 this day will the long rod therein torch covenant in field and by flame divination, flame is flourishing New Year harvest omen. Some places are being held this activity. Thirty



Thousands of Lantern Festival


Is the Mongolian, daur religious holiday. Mongolian says "Ming dry zhuo pull", meaning thousand lamp that Lantern Festival. December 25 this day, to do "Ming dry zhuo pull" go to temple lit, think some morer more auspicious. This festival custom, in xinjiang villa, the most popular Mongolian. Local people eat roast beef and mutton in the day, a traditional sports entertainment activities.


December 29: small New Year's eve had cast years



Small New Year's eve


The day before Chinese New Year's eve, called "small", the home for New Year's eve, people contacts succeeded to visit call "don't age". Incense in the outdoors, called "the heavens fragrance", usually for three days.


December 31: stick keeper Spring Festival couplet eve firecrackers


New Year's eve refers to the annual lunar month of the last night, and it is the Spring Festival (the first month) end to end. "New Year's eve" in "addition" word is "go; easy; alternately, the meaning of" means "on New Year's eve on poor old do", people have to new, except kibaki old so far and dividing, next year another sexually compromising mean, is the lunar year last night. Therefore during the activities around except kibaki new, disaster praying for the center.


Weeks, qin period each year, when will be the best palace held "big nuo" ceremony, tambourines expel the demons, epidemic disease hapen called "by addition", also called on the day after the New Year's eve, namely except for small XiaoNianYe; New Year's eve for big except, namely eve.



Stickers door god


Our country New Year has posted shot-stopper customs. Initial keeper is inscribed peachwood for humanoids, hanging in person beside the portrait painted keeper, and later is posted at the door. The legendary tu and yu lei two brothers, have their special pipe devils keep portal, the size of the evil spirit, dare not introductory pestcide. The tang dynasty and painting, after QinQiong, a well-known WeiChiJingDe two portrait painting for shot-stopper, and as guan yu, zhang fei for shot-stopper. Keeper like elihu, each about a couple generations often caricatured as a penny. Sasha shot-stopper Shot-stopper could be divided into three types: the first kind is "gate keeper," post more in the doors or whole room door, about four or five feet high, about thirty feet wide. The second is "JieMen goalkeeper," post more side doors, high about two feet wide and about a foot. These two keeper is a black face a white face two by this. White, black BaiShan left right is easy, black Ning evil, each holding up slimming tomahawk. The third type is ", "JieMen pushes keeper is limited, is a smaller shot-stopper black-and-white 2 god, but also have black and white 2 god is ZuoXiang. Pushes up is a stick "kylin SongZi" like, two FuFen besmear fat comb taizi crown doll, each take kirin. This door, and this should be posted in the new marriage door to take cobolli gigli, also later became common JieMen New Year ornament is tasted.



Spring Festival couplet


Spring Festival couplets and the name "who", "spring esther," is a kind of couplet of, because in the Spring Festival when Posting, friend name. Spring is a source TaoFu. Initially, people with peach wooden door to ward off evil spirits humanoid hanging in painting, later on, like in peachwood shot-stopper again simplified as in peachwood board inscribed keeper name. Spring Festival couplets another source is spring posts. The ancients in spring day post more "yichun" 2 words, after increasing development for Spring Festival couplets. The Ming dynasty, the Spring Festival couplets real popularization began with zhu yuanzhang's advocate relevant. According to QingRen ChenShang ancient "ornamental hairpin cloud floor ZaShui recorded by zhu yuanzhang, one year is ready to Chinese, ordered every house will post a picture of a Spring Festival couplets and to show celebration. The original Spring Festival couplets inscribed in peachwood board, then rewrite on paper. Peach wooden color is red, red has the meaning of auspicious, ward off evil spirits, so couplets mostly with red paper writing. But the temple with yellow paper, ShouZhi (under) with served filial piety white, green and yellow color, with white paper, and the second year green paper, the third year, the fourth yellow paper frugal marketings full resumed with red paper. Because of the manchu qing palace is white, white, blue edge with Spring Festival couplets bag on outside, red stripes brigandine within.



Stick hang "happiness" upside down, stick grilles, posted pictures, stick hang thousand


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